UFC Platinum Self Fit Mouth Guard-Adults (By Opro)

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New UFC Branded MouthGuards By Opro Gum Shield, Self Fit Mouthguard, Gold Grade Protection.

The Ultimate self-fit mouthguard.

The revolutionary OPROshield Platinum unites the most advanced attributes of the world beating OPROshield GOLD range with two very innovative features:

Multiple protection zones and guaranteed inter jaw thickness.
-Durable Outer Layer for Ultimate Impact Protection
-Flexible Inner Layer for Excellent Comfort and Fit
-Air Spaces for Maximum Cushioning and Protection
-New Anatomical Oprofins
-Concussion Absorption Layer
-Handle for Easy Fitting

OPRO Platinum mouthguards are fully CE certified.


Free case

Dental warranty

'How to fit' Mini CD
£9600 Dental Warranty
Please note: Not suitable for fixed braces