Tatami Signature Jiu Jitsu Gi - Black

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Tatami Signature Jiu Jitsu Gi Black


The Tatami Fightwear Signature Collection now introduces the Signature Gi


Available in black and white - the Signature Gi adds a subtle touch of class with a slick modern design and key design features that makes it the perfect companion as you take to the mats.


The Signature Gi continues the exclusive and unique design of the wider Signature collection. The classic signature print sits on the sleeve and leg while maintaining a minimal look. Other print features on the Gi maintain the essence of the design and the flag prints celebrating the worldwide influence of martial arts. 


The Signature jacket is 475GSM pearl weave fabric with 10oz cotton canvas pants. The result of this combination meaning the Signature fits comfortably on you but also stands up to the rigours and pulls of everyday training.


The Signature Gi also comes with a uniquely designed sublimated drawstring bag, simplifying the process of packing up and carrying your brand new Signature Gi.