Fortress Boxing T.5 Fastwraps Hand Wraps-Red

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Based on our hugely successful T1 Fastwraps. The T.5 Fastwraps are a stripped down version, maintaining many of the T1 features at a more affordable price.

The T.5 model enables faster application than ever before with fixed knuckle (none adjustable) straps and 1m compression wraps. 

Almost identical in appearance to the T1 model but with a very more slimline feel, comparable comfort values but with not as many of the adjustable elements, nor is it quite as impact resistant. However this is a great alternative more affordable option.

PATENTED -  NO. GB 2 550 628

  • FASTER THAN EVER.  Fixed (none adjustable) 3 in 1 knuckle strap feature and attachable 1m compression wrap.
  • KNUCKLE PADDING. 20mm memory foam padding
  • LIGHTER THAN EVER. Lighter bodied than the T1 making a more slimline less padded fit.
  • 100% BREATHABLE. TF7 3D spacer fabric as the primary fabric due to its incredible breathability and robust nature.  

Includes (as standard)
1x pair of T.5 Fastwraps
1x pair -1m compression
Wash Bag
User Guide / instructions