Great Evening of Boxing!

After a hectic day and evening of boxing all fighters and their opponents did very well. There were nearly forty fights and the atmosphere was great.

Pryzm nightclub did a great job hosting this event.

Dillan did great against a 35 year old opponent who had many more fights behind him, this great bout ended as a draw. Dillan is only 18 years old and wants to go amateur in the near future. We are sure he will go far as he is a heavy hitter with the heart of a warrior.


George (Pretty Boi) displayed a brutal display of boxing leaving his opponent bloodied and worn out,he did not hold anything back. Was an entertaining bout with both fighters giving their all and resulting in a win and a belt for Pretty Boi.


Reuben, his first fight again with an older more experienced fighter put on a great display of boxing, stood his ground and showed his high level of fitness. This was one of the later bouts and he had been sparring and doing pads for most of the day and then still step in the ring in the evening. Was a great bout resulting in a draw.