PMA Elite Curved Camo Focus Pads

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  • Focus Pads camouflage kick shields will improve your accuracy, speed, timing and power, these super absorbent and protective boxing mitts make the ultimate choice for boxers in training. Designed to withstand the brutal blows of hook and jab pad drills for boxing, Muay Thai or cage fighting, these Microfiber Artificial leather focus mitts are practically bulletproof and will survive countless training sessions.
  • Made with double foam padding for optimum shock resistance, you’ll have the protection you need to perfect your strike technique, whilst the thermal regulation keeps your hands free from overheating and the secure grip gives you added confidence and stability.
  • Strong Microfiber leather construction for improved strength and durability shock foam for maximum shock absorption
  • High-quality padding to prevent injury and to protect hands and wrists Inner Technology for temperature management to keep hands cool and dry
  • Added stability during training
  • Features shock absorber foam pads for wrist area