8 Weapons Semi Elastic 5M Hand Wraps - Black

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High-quality hand wraps made out of cotton. The 8 WEAPONS hand wraps are made to cover your hands and wrist tightly.

A top-quality velcro gives a strong hold in every situation. The wraps have a thumb loop.

8 WEAPONS is a brand for Muay Thai lovers. Made by active Nak Muay this brand is deeply involved in the sport. 8 WEAPONS is run by professional fighters and long-time Thailand lovers.

That is why this brand is a real deal. Based in Europe 8 WEAPONS is also active in the Motherland of Muay Thai.


  • Hand Wraps for tight hold.
  • Semi-elastic.
  • Premium velcro.
  • Soft cotton.
  • Thumb loop.
  • 5M