Venum Muay Thai Leather Boxing Gloves-Bangkok Spirit

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Venum Bangkok Spirit Muay Thai Boxing Gloves: let the Muay Thai Spirits possess you ! Let the best Muay Thai fighters spirit lead you to victory thanks to the unique Venum Bangkok Spirit Boxing Gloves! These 100% Nappa leather Muay Thai boxing gloves have been conceived in Thailand to offer you the best fight experience you ever had. They have been designed to protect your bones and joints thanks to their multi layer foam without reducing your speed and aggressive style thanks to their sleek shape. Let your print on the ring and join the legend Muay Thai fighters!




  • 100% Nappa leather.

  • Sleek shape.

  • Triple density foam: advanced shock absorption and protection of the hand.

  • Velcro closure system: a custom fit and stabilization.

  • Attached thumb: prevent thumbs injuries.

  • Short cuffs: more mobility.

  • Waterproof lining prevents moisture from entering the stuffing.

  • Handmade in Thailand.

  • SKU : VENUM-03364-001

  • Weight : 0.8000