Twins Black Double Padded Shin Guards

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Double padded shin pads from Twins that are ideal for heavy sparring sessions as they provide lots of protection for the shin and have very good foot coverage. They are also very light and ergonomically shaped to allow for great maneuverability.

Multi layered shock absorbing foam.

Made from hard-wearing, high grade Thai synthetic leather. The non-leather material makes it a great sustainable choice for vegans.


  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Double Padded
  • Ergonomically Shaped Design
  • High Grade Thai Synthetic Leather

Shin Length - Foot Length
Small 34 cm 14 cm
Medium 36 cm 15 cm
Large 38 cm 17 cm
XL 41 cm 18 cm

Know your shin pads...
Twins make shin pads in three different materials: leather (SGL), high-grade synthetic (SGS) and an accessible cheaper quality synthetic (SGDM). A lot of shops don't make this known or use the incorrect product codes so it's worth knowing when comparing models and prices online.